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Portal 2 walkthrough and video guide

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Chapter 7: The Reunion

Test Chamber 01

After entering the chamber, portal up to the platform at the other side of the room (there's a "Thank You" sign on the wall). Fire a portal beneath the Propulsion Gel tube, and another on the wall opposite the ramp. Press the button to release the gel, creating a runway leading up to the ramp.

Run down your Propulsion Gel runway and over the ramp to reach the next area. Repeat the process, covering thehallway with gel (you'll need to place one portal at the end of the hall with the other stationed over the platform with the button which releases gel). Run down the gel-covered hallway to reach the third area, and retrieve the cube in the glass box with your portals. Portal back to the main area, and place the cube on the large button. The ramp will raise, and can now be used with the Propulsion Gel to reach the exit door.

The final step is to reach the button which opens the exit. Shoot a portal on the surface below the button, and another at the end of the runway opposite the ramp. Hop through the portal in the floor to return to the runway, then back up to the ramp, and run straight through the portal on the wall. You'll be propelled into the air - hit the button as you pass it, and the door will open.

Test Chamber 02

Fire a portal onto the tower in the center of the chamber, and another beneath the red Propulsion Gel pipe. Hit the button to release the gel,which will spray out of the tower, creating a runway. Now you need some Repulsion Gel at the end of your runway so that you can jump to the tower. Fire a portal onto the surface on the ceilingabove the edge of the gap, and direct Repulsion Gel through it to create a blue springboard at the end of the Propulsion Gel runway.

Run down your red runway toward the patch of Repulsion Gel, using it to jump across the gap to the tower. Walk to the other side of the tower, and use the two surfaces - one in front of you, and one above you - to reach the upper level. Leave a portal on the upper surface, and fire the other onto a surface on the starting platform to return to your runway. Repeat the run and jump to the tower, but this time,instead of smacking into the tower, fire a portal into itso that you fly through it and out of your portal on the other side.

Test Chamber 05

This complex chamber is done in three parts. First, walk over to the dripping tubes of Repulsion and Propulsion Gel. Behind them, you should see an isolated area which will act as a good runway. Fire a portal at the end of the runway, and another beneath the Propulsion Gel to cover it with speedy red goo. Now fire a portal onto the angled surface, and one beneath the Repulsion Gel. A bit of the blue goo will shoot out of your portal and hit a platform above the runway.

Portal over to the run way and walk to the other end of it. Fire a portal into the wall in front of you, and another onto the angled surface above it. Run through it, and you'll fly out, bounce off the Repulsion Gel, and reach a distant platform which houses a cube. Grab the cube, and return to the gel pipes with it.

Standing on the starting platform,facing the gap to the runway, you should be able to see the next area to your left(there's a large red button on it, which is where your cube goes... just not quite yet). Fire a portal onto the floor of the button platformand send some Repulsion Gel through it. The gel will coat an invertiblebit of ceiling above it. Portal over to the button and drop the cube on it - the platform will invert, creating a gel-covered springboard for your final jump to the exit door.

Facing the button and the now-inverted platform, look to your left and you'll see the finalarea you need to access. Portal over to it, and cover its short ramp with Propulsion Gel. Now, leaving a portal in front of the ramp, return to your runway. Run down it, through the wall and over the ramp. You'll bounce off the Repulsion Gel and to the exit.

Pump Station Gamma

Walk into thefirst roomand to the end of the path (where there's a large closed door), then turn around and look up - you'll see a metal walkway and a door with an Emancipation Grill. Portal up to the walkway and through the door. Pump Station Gamma will be on your right - portal up to it and enter.

Once in the pump station, walk down the metal walkway and flip the three switches. Use the white gel on the floor to portal down to the lower level. Then look up - some of it has sprayed onto a surface above another walkway. Portal up to it, then jump and bounce off of the Repulsion Gel to reach the other side of the gap.

The next hallway is covered with Propulsion Gel - run down it, avoiding the big squishy things that will squish you. Walk out the door, and shoot a portal onto the angled surface. Return through the door and fire a portal onto the wall at the end of the gel-covered hall. Run down the hall and through your portal, launching yourself across the gap. Inside the next building is a small room which contains a button - press it to open the door on the other side, and walk through it to the elevator.

White Out

The goal here is to cover the two towers opposite the gel pipe, then to portal up to the top of them and use your height to access the exit. Spray the white gel around until you've got some on the ground near the towers, then spray it onto the inside face of one of the towers. Spray the gel back and forth between the towers until it reaches the top, allowing you to portal up to the scaffolding.

From the tower, you'll see the exit door on the opposite side of the area. Cover the ground below the exit tower with gel, then fire a portal onto it. Fire your other portal onto the ground below you and jump through it. Reaching the metal walkway which leads to the exit door takes a bit of in-air maneuvering, but it's possible.

Walk through the next building until you reach the open shaft. Portal your way up the shaft until you reach elevator. Fire a portal onto the floor of the elevator, then another on the floor a level down, at the edge of the metal walkway. Fall through your second portal, launching you out of the elevator. At the top of your rise, you should be able to see a portal surface on part of the scaffolding - hit it with a portal, then fall back through the portal at the bottom of the elevator to fly higher (if you hit it with the wrong color of portal, you can always go back to the edge of the scaffolding you first jumped off). On your second jump, you'll see an angled platform - hit it with a portal, and launch yourself through it the same way. Walk through the door to move on to the next area.

Out the Hatch

Enter the area and turn to your left - on the rock wall near the pipes is a platform which you can portal up to. From there, use one of the concrete supports to portal onto the central structure's metal frame. Fire a portal onto the angled concrete above the door (where you just were), and jump through a portal on the ground to fly to the next level.

Spray some of the dripping Repulsion Gel by firing a portal beneath it, and keeping your other on the angled concrete you just came out of. Now repeat the jump, and this time you'll bounce up to the third level. At the back of the level there's a bit of portal-accepting floor - fire a portal onto it, then jump through another portal back on the ground. While in the air, you'll be able to see into the chamber, and can fire a portal onto its floor to get yourself in. Walk through the door and into the next building.

Coat the back wall with white gel using the surface above it. Once coated, spray a runway of Propulsion gel leading up to the central support. Fire a portal onto the angled portion of the support, then run toward it, bouncing off the patch of blue Repulsion Gel. Fire a portal into the wall before you hit it, launching yourself up to the second level, where you'll bounce off of another patch of Repulsion Gel.

To bounce all the way across the gap, you'll need another patch of Repulsion Gel, but with a portal on the floor, it only hits the ceiling. Instead, you need to spray the ceiling with white gel, then use a portal on the ceiling to spray the floor with Repulsion Gel. Once you've done that, repeat the jump and you'll cross the gap.

Walk around the central support of the next platform, where white gel is dripping out of a small hole. Portal into the hole, then, leaving a portal beneath the drippinggel,walk down the scaffolding, and fire another portal through the metal grate and onto the angled surface set into the wall. The gel will bounce and splatter across the inside of the shaft. Portal up to the top of the shaft - it's a bit tricky, but you'll end up on a sloped section which you can walk up (a "Caution" notice is painted onto it). When you've walked to the top, portal through the metal grate and into the next room.

Walk up the stairs and to the end of the metal walkway, then look up to see another walkway above you. Portal up to it, and walk down it to the edge. The control room is on your left, and on your right, near the ceiling, is a portal surface you can launch yourself out of to reach it. Press the button to open the hatch, and lower and elevator... escape complete!

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