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Portal 2 walkthrough and video guide

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Chapter 8: The Itch

Wheatley's First Tests

After peering down at Wheatley's failed experiment, turn around and look at the bottom left side of the wall behind you and you'll see a broken grate. Portal through it, and follow the walkway into the test chamber. Put one of the hybrid turret cubes on the button to make Wheatley return.

The next test only requires you to push a button. Twice.

Test Chamber 01

Ride the funnel up to the second chamber and exit it. Shoot a portal at the spot where it hits the ceiling, then one on the wall opposite the platform with a cube on it. Ride back up the funnel and through your portal to reach the cube.

Once you have the cube, fire a portal through the hole in the ground and into the lower level. While holding the cube, ride the funnel through your portals and back to where you started. Now, with one portal tethered to the ceiling above the funnel, fire a portal onto the floor beneath the button. Place the cube into the funnel to hit the button.

Test Chamber 02

Jump into the funnel, then fire a portal where it meets the wall, and another on the far wall. After riding through your portals, you'll have to quickly fire another portal onto the side wall and fall into the redirected funnel. When you hit the wall, redirect the funnel again using the surface below you and rise up to the platform.

Once you're on solid ground, use the funnel again to acquire the cube dropped by the button. Once you have the cube, aim the funnel at the button on the ceiling, and drop the cube into it to complete the chamber.

Test Chamber 03

Redirect the funnel to carry yourself across the gap. Facing the gap, use the surface on the left wall to redirect the funnel again and catch the cube which falls when you press the button. Then use the surface on the back right to bring the cube to you. To return to the other side, fire a portal (still redirecting the funnel) on the left wall again, as close to the blue target as possible. Grab the cube, step on the Faith Plate, and ride the funnel until you can safely hop off.

Now direct the funnel toward the ceiling with a portal on the checkered patch of floor. Jump in with the cube and rise to the top. When you're there, fire a portal onto the surface on the wall opposite the exit door so that you and the cube fall into it. Let the cube press up against the button, and drop to the exit.

Test Chamber 04

First, redirect the funnel to carry away the turret. Once it's out of your way, direct the funnel into the cube on the other side of the gap. Once you've captured it, stand on the large button, which will reverse the direction of the funnel. When the cube is in front of the wall across from you, fire another portal to redirect the funnel across the gap and step off of the button. Grab the cube out of the funnel as it floats past.

Drop the cube on the button and use the reversed funnel to cross the gap. On the other side, redirect the funnel again so that it picks up the cube and removes it from the button, changing the funnel back to its starting direction. Now drop a portal on the floor in front of the exit door and ride up the funnel.

Test Chamber 05

Direct the funnel through a portal on the platform in the center of the gap, then step on the Faith Plate to jump into it and rise to the ceiling. Once at the top of the funnel, fire a portal into the angled surface and drop into the portal below you to launch yourself to the exit door.

The small button near the exit drops a cube onto the Faith Plate - repeat the same method you used for yourself to acquire the cube, place it on the large button, and exit.

Test Chamber 06

Press the button near the entrance to drop a cube - it will fly through the Emancipation Grill and be... emancipated. To block it, redirect the light bridge so that the cube hits it before evaporating. It will fall into a pit guarded by turrets. Use the bridge again to block the turrets, and grab the cube.

Next you need to reach the metal walkway which the Faith Plate launches you over. Again, use the bridge to block your jump, causing you and the cube to drop onto the walkway. Before you run over to the button, block the turrets again. Drop the cube on the button, portal back out of the pit, then use the same Faith Plate/bridge method to return to the exit.

Test Chamber 11

Begin by directing the funnel through the surface on the floor and rising to the ceiling. From there, fire a portal onto the angled surface, and fall through the one below to reach the platform with a cube on it.

Use the cube to block the laser beam, which will turn off the funnel. Portal out of the gap, then fire a portal onto the angled surface above the gap, and another on the angled surface you just launched yourself out of. Step on the faith plate, which will send you through your portals and over to a Redirection Cube.

Use the Redirection Cube to aim the laser beam at the wall, then grab the other cube and portal back out of the pit. Drop that cube on the checkered surface, then use your portals to direct the laser into the switch behind you. Stand on the lowered elevator, then direct the laser off of the switch to raise it. From your new vantage point, drop a portal under the Redirection Cube to get it out of the way. The funnel will turn back on - use it to raise the cube to the button on the ceiling. Another elevator will lower - step onto it, then move the funnel and it will raise you to the exit.

Test Chamber 12

There are two laser switches on the far wall - the bottom switch moves the platform, and the top switch turns the laser trap it runs through off and on. Move the platform to the left, below the portal surface, then jump onto it. Start it moving again, and stop it before you're killed by the laser trap (naturally). Direct the beam to the second switch to turn off the trap, walk past it, and start it moving again until you can jump down to the button.

Send the platform back to the other side, stop it, then press the button to drop a cube onto it. Portal back onto the platform, and return to the other side of the lasers. Now redirect the laser into the cube and aim it at the third switch, on the wall across from you. When you've got the door open, portal back to the starting platform, then return your portals to their previous positions to open the door again.

Test Chamber 15

Press the small red button to release a cube onto a bridge above you. Stand on the large red button to activate the funnel, then redirect the funnel to grab the cube and send it into the far wall. Direct the funnel below it, and it will be carried back your way.

Portal through the hole in the small room and drop the cube on the button inside of it to release a stream of Propulsion Gel. Return to the button which activates the funnel and stand on it. Direct the funnel through the gel, so that it carries a stream of it over the floor. Step off the button to create a Propulsion Gel runway leading up the ramp at the edge of the gap.

Before you make the big jump, retrieve the cube and drop it on the funnel button. Direct the funnel through the wall across the gap, on the right side. Run over the ramp - you'll jump into the funnel and be carried to the exit.

Test Chamber 16

After you enter the chamber, portal across the gap in front of you. The small button releases Repulsion Gel. Direct the funnel to catch the gel as it falls, then press the button. When the gel has passed the metal grate on the floor, let it drop - you just need a splash to use to bounce up to the funnel.

Once that's done, repeat the process, but instead of letting the gel drop, jump into the funnel with it and ride it back to the other side of the gap. Once you've made it, hop out of the funnel and run to the big red button. Stand on it to reverse the funnel, sending the gel back through your portal and out. Once most of the gel is suspended over the gap, move the portal on the far wall to the surface above the turrets to your right. Step off of the button, and the gel will reverse direction and float through your portals and over the turrests. Let the gel drop to bounce the turrets into oblivion.

Now shoot a portal onto the floor to direct the funnel toward the ceiling. Ride it to the top, then hit the angled platform opposite the turret area, fall through the floor and out it, bounce off the gel you dropped on the turrets, and fly to the exit. Easy.

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