Pokemusings, week six

Using legendary Pokemon in battles is a piece of cake. Their stats are higher than normal and their move pools are generally broader than those of standard Pokemon. Even without proper training and with an unbalanced move set, it's pretty easy to win a battle using legendary Pokemon. You don't need a whole lot of skill to win this way.

If you're a Pokemon master in the making then you're probably working hard at training standard Pokemon. Being victorious with regular Pokemon is a true indication of your prowess. On the road to mastery, you're bound to face off against lamer trainers that rely heavily on legendaries. While defeating them may seem like a daunting task, there are lots of ways to make quick work of these trainers and their vaunted creatures. Using a standard Pokemon to defeat a legendary can be a little tough, but with the right preparation, you can have a legendary killer at your disposal. One of the best legendary killers out there is Weavile.

A legendary killer needs to follow the immortal mantra of the Cobra Kai Dojo from Karate Kid: "Strike first! Strike hard! Show no mercy!" This is precisely what Weavile excels in. It's frighteningly fast and has a high Attack stat. Best of all, Weavile is a blend of dark and ice types, which makes it particularly scary to the numerous psychic, dragon, and flying legendaries out there. Being able to wallop a legendary with a super-effective attack is what makes this Pokemon so dangerous.

Weavile's defense and hit points are too low for it to be anything other than an offensive force. With this in mind, you should load up your Weavile with high-impact attacks. Night Slash takes advantage of its type and deals nasty damage to psychics and ghosts. Ice Punch also gets a type bonus, taking care of dragon, grass, and ground Pokemon. These two attacks are requisite for Weavile, after that you can get a little creative. Read on to see other recommended moves for this legend killer.