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Pokemusings, week 48

The two move sets we mentioned were used on our two test Shaymins. For the offensive set, you should max out EVs in Special Attack and Speed. A Modest nature is ideal for maximum impact. Choice Specs, Wise Glasses, or a Life Orb are ideal hold items for Special Sweeper Shaymin. For the Sub/Seed set, you need to max out Hit Points and Speed. The latter might be surprising, but you need to ensure that Shaymin is able to throw up its Substitute before its enemy can act. There are a lot of swift and Choice-Scarf wielding Pokemon out there, making Speed a priority. A Timid nature helps out this move set a great deal. Naturally, Leftovers is the way to go with Sub/Seed Shaymin.

Above: Win a 10th Anniversary Celebi!

Although we didn't get to try it, we think Shaymin would make a great cleric too. It can learn Aromatherapy to clear up any status ailments your party has. That said, Blissey or Celebi, especially, would do the job a bit better. That's the real rub with Shaymin. If you take away Seed Flare, it pretty much becomes a poor man's Celebi. Sure it doesn't have the weaknesses of a half-Psychic Pokemon, but it's also hampered by a limited move pool. For players that don't like to soft reset or don't understand Hidden Power, Shaymin is even more limited. Having said all that, we love Shaymin. It reminds us of the Chia Pets we've owned in the past and can be a formidable force in the right hands.

Before we get to this week's giveaway, we wanted to give shoutouts to forum members lovell_u600 and rpc88 for hooking us with our two test Shaymins. You guys rock! We were poking around our old GBA cartridges and found a 10th Anniversary Celebi that we forgot about. It has been neglected for years and is looking for a good home. Now's your chance to own this special celebratory Pokemon. For a shot at winning, head on over to our Pokemon general discussion forumsand look for a thread called "Pokemusings #48: Win a 10th Anniversary Celebi!!!" Good luck and see you next week!

Jun 5, 2008