Pokemusings, week 27

Charizard was another popular pick. Out of the original 151, this fiery Pokemon is one of the coolest. Pokemonmaster99$ agrees, saying, "He is plain out old school. We all used one before. He is overall a great Pokemon to battle with and he looks wicked in shiny form." Omanaka adds, "The best out of any dragon Pokemon I ever saw - even better than Dragonite." Slayer! is fan of Charizard and its first form, Charmander, saying, "Charmander is my favorite because he turns into a great big cool thing called Charizard. He was my first Pokemon and he's always in high demand." We definitely agree with all three readers. Charizard was an awesome Pokemon back in the day and still an excellent choice more than a decade after it was introduced.

Representing water-type Pokemon is Feraligatr. A few people picked it as their favorite and it's definitely a great choice. Ckncakeee actually beat an entire game with a Feraligatr. "In Pokemon Crystal for GBC, he was the only Poke I used to beat the Pokemon League since, he was the only poke I used throughout the game too. I had others, but I only trained my Feraligatr. Some people don't like Feraligatrs because they are ugly alligators with big jaws. I like him because he looks really cool to me and in real life, he would be a good, strong protector and friend." Pokemone master adds, "He has pure power and can be abeast at times."