Pokemusings, week 27

Dec 20, 2007

For our last issue of Pokemusings in 2007, we're going to talk about your favorite Pokemon. The peeps in ourPokemon general discussion forumshave been chatting up a storm, telling us who their favorite Pokemon is and why. We were surprised at how diverse the answers were. We thought for sure that everyone would just favor gnarly dragons, but you guys selected a wide variety of Pokemon. Now let's see what some of the choices were.

Two of our biggest surprises came in the form of a pair of fatty Pokemon: Wailord and Miltank. While both are adorable in their slovenliness, neither are terribly popular. Our original Pokemon champion jimbo42292 is pretty high on Wailord's cute looks and versatility. He says, "First of all, it's big and squishy, which is so cute. It also has a nice shiny form, which some Pokemon do not have. Its astronomical amount of HP is very nifty, and he can be used in a variety of ways." Meanwhile, lovell_u600 sings the praises of Miltank. "It has one of the best abilities if it's using Return - Scrappy. Scrappy means you can hit ghosts with normal-type moves. Miltank also looks cool and looksawesome shiny. It can also learn a very cool move - Heal Bell. This move causes any status to disappear when they hear the bell chime. Miltank can easily stall them out or try to kill them off w/earthquake."