Pokemusings, week 27

Lastly, we have to give props to two Pokemon trainers that love their Pokemon so much that they refuse to evolve them. You won't find Z-man427 evolving his Growlithe into an Arcanine any time soon. He says, "I never evolved mine. As cool as Arcanine is, I just never wanted to. The first one I had was pretty quick and was pretty strong. And it's a puppy. Every guy likes puppies." The same goes for renowned Aipom trainer DemonOfSand. "Too bad, I'm not evolving him. I'm an Aipom breeder and trainer. Like Pikachu is Ash's partner, Aipom is mine. Plus there is something very special about my Aipom," he says, "He's my number-one companion and I always travel with him. Aipom maybe small, but it can give quite a kick."

Well, that's a wrap for Pokemusings in 2007! Thank you so much for reading!!! We wish everyone an excellent holiday break. Have a great time with your friends and family (and Pokemon!). We're going to be taking a little break too, but we'll have plenty of Pokemon to give away in 2008. Take care for now!