Pokemon White/Black: Mewtwo returns via DS, TCG and online TV special

Nintendo's announced that Mewtwo, one of the original Legendary Pokemon from the game's Red and Blue iterations, will be returning to the Pokemon universe in the form of a downloadable character for the DS's Pokemon Black and White. There'll also be a Mewtwo-EX card issued for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and a rescreened TV special exploring the character's reappearance.

The Legendary Mewtwo will become available for Pokemon Black and White for a limited-time event beginning on Feb 12. Nintendo promises more details closer to the time. There's also a Mewtwo-EX trading card (seen above) to be packaged as part of the new line of trading cards to go on-sale Feb 8. Finally, the Mewtwo-starring 2006 online TV special, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon, is having a rescreening on the Pokemon site now.

If all of this doesn't make a damn ounce of sense to you, the site also features an interactive timeline of Mewtwo's past misadventures. Once you see his storied history you'll come to have a new-found respect for the unique psychic mastermind.