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Pokemon Unite Blastoise
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If you want the Pokemon Unite Blastoise release date then boy have you clicked on the right article. Nintendo’s free-to-play 5v5 MOBA, Pokemon Unite, has brought a whole new world of Pokemon to players and with it a rank of fan favorite Pokemon old and new to bring into battle. There’s Charizard, Venusaur, Zeraora and Pikachu that are all part of the current roster. But, where’s Blastoise we hear you ask? Well, he’s on his way. 

We’ve put together everything we know so far about the arrival of the powerful defender that is Pokemon Unite’s Blastoise, including the release date, rumors around what we can expect in terms of moves, and the full evolution line.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise release date

The Pokemon Unite Blastoise release date isn't that far off. Pokemon Unite’s Gardevoir was the first new Pokemon to join the ranks after the game’s launch but alongside the marketing around the launch, Pokemon Unite’s official Twitter shared an image that also featured Blastoise. This hints to us that the arrival of Pokemon Unite’s Blastoise can’t be too far off.

The tweet that accompanied the image read, “Blastoise, Gardevoir, and other Pokémon also can’t wait to join you on Aeos Island! They won’t be battle-ready at launch, so stay tuned for more details on when they’ll arrive following the release of #PokemonUNITE on Nintendo Switch!” So, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled as well as keeping an eye out for which Pokemon will fill that mysterious third silhouette.

As we said, Gardevoir showed up after launch but it was in the first update and that was only a week afterwards. If Pokemon Unite keeps up the same momentum, we might not be far off a Pokemon Unite Blastoise debut.

pokemon unite Pokemon Unite Blastoise

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Pokemon Unite Blastoise’s evolution line

Each Pokemon that joins the ranks in Pokemon Unite comes with its full evolution line as you level up during each battle. For Blastoise, we can predict that early game, we’ll see Squirtle. Mid-game, we’ll see Wartortle. And in the end game, we’ll be treated to Blastoise.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise moves

Each Pokemon comes with a variant of moves that will unlock as you level up during battle. Whilst we don’t know exactly what moves Blastoise will have in the game, we have noticed a few of these moves showing up in varying forms in the official Pokemon Unite trailers. From those hints, it looks as if some of the moves could be Water Gun, Surf, Rapid Spin, and Hydro Typhoon. 

So that's all we know about Blastoise in Pokemon Unite so far, hopefully their arrival isn't far off, We’ll be sure to keep you updated when we know more.

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