Pokemon Sword and Shield players discover an in-game PokeStop sign

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Crown Tundra
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have uncovered a statue that bears a striking resemblance to a PokeStop in the city of Circhester.

Just below, you can see the discovery for yourself on the Pokemon subreddit. The post points out that you can see a symbol that clearly resembles a Pokemon Go Pokestop within Pokemon Sword and Shield's city of Circhester. Underneath the original post below, someone even starts to wonder whether the characters of Pokemon Sword and Shield play Pokemon Go (Christopher Nolan, eat your heart out).

I haven’t seen this anywhere online but In circhester there is a pokestop from r/pokemon

In fact, we've done a bit of detective work based on the Pokemon subreddit post. Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar region is loosely based on England, and the city of Circhester appears to strongly resemble that of Bath. In Bath, there's a PokeStop at Pulteney Bridge, which seems to bear a striking resemblance to the bridge depicted in the screenshot just above.

Perhaps when Pokemon Sword and Shield's design team were busy recreating Bath for both games as Circhester, they opted to keep the PokeStop placed next to Pulteney Bridge in the real world. Either way, it's a nice little discovery from the Pokemon community. Just when you think you've seen everything there is in a game - or in this case, two games - something brand new like this comes along.

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