New Pokemon Snap release date confirmed for April in new trailer

New Pokemon Snap
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

The New Pokemon Snap release date has been confirmed for April 30 by Nintendo.

In a trailer released today, Nintendo announced that your photographic trip to the new Lental region kicks off this spring, which you can watch below. 

The video reveals quite a lot of new information about the game, which was first announced in June last year. There's a glimpse at your character and the new Pokemon professor you'll likely be in regular communication with, as well as the Pokedex/Camera hybrid that you'll be using on your adventure.

To get around the diverse Lental region, players will be using the NEO-ONE, an auto-driving vehicle that will take them on predetermined tracks across each of Lental's island regions. There's a distinct Jurassic World vibe to the spherical, transparent vehicles, although presumably there's minimal risk of New Pokemon Snap putting you in any real danger - the most imposing-looking creature in the trailer is a Meganium that looms over the player, although the benign smile on the face of the Gen 2 grass-type starter suggests it's not looking to do anyone any harm.

There are more than 200 different species to spot in New Pokemon Snap, including many that are hidden away off the beaten track and others that you'll have to document quickly as they swoop down from above. If you're used to hunting rare Shiny Pokemon in the mainline games, you'll be well catered to here as well, thanks to the mysterious Illumina Pokemon and their strange glow.

Considering New Pokemon Snap was only announced last summer, with footage that Nintendo made clear was a work-in-progress, it's a pleasant surprise that it'll be arriving so soon. 

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