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Pokemon Sun and Moon's first global mission wants 100 million 'mon caught by December 13

Want to earn a quick 1,000 Festival Coins in Pokemon Sun & Moon? All you have to do is catch 100 million Pokemon. Don't worry, that's the collective "you" there - it's the game's first global mission, challenging trainers everywhere to contribute to the international total by December 13. And no, you won't have to split the prize up - everybody gets their own reward, and you can spend them on whatever goods and services you like inside Festival Plaza.

Even if the mission is unsuccessful, everyone who participates will still get a 100 Festival Coin prize. And all you have to do to join the effort is make sure your 3DS is connected online and you have Game Sync enabled - head to the Festival Plaza if you still haven't done the latter yet.

Trainers will need to catch an average of 82.7 Pokemon a second for the next two weeks to meet the goal. If every single one of those 100 million Pokemon caught was an average weight Pikachu, that would equal 600,000 metric tons of electric mouse. And if they were all average height and you laid them from head to toe around the Earth's equator, they'd come up just 75 km short of our planet's circumference. They could probably make it if you counted their tails, though.

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