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To catch a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Eevee, we suggest going to North of Medali and checking the grasslands just outside of town. You can also find them around the entrance to the Pokemon League and West of Cortondo. It's worth keeping in mind though that Eevee, despite their popularity, are pretty rare, and even once you reach these hotspots, it might take a while for one to spawn in. Still, it's worth the effort - while Eevee themselves aren't anything revolutionary, they can evolve into all manner of different Pokemon that can all have a place within your team. For that reason, we'll lay out all the details on where to find Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet below, how you can catch your own, and even how to evolve them!

Where to find Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Players can catch their own Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Eevee, as mentioned, by going to any of the following locations (shown above on the map):

  1. Northwest of Medali (approx. lv. 30)
  2. West of Cortondo (approx. lv. 10)
  3. Route leading up to the Pokemon League, Northwest of Mesagoza (approx. lv. 7)
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However, because Eevee are rare spawns, players might be looking for a while. The League route in particular is particularly unreliable, but we had a fair amount of luck in the plains to the Northwest of Medali (which you'll reach roughly halfway through the game if you're following our recommended Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders progression path). Just walk to the edge of town to see the fields full of Pokemon, and there's a decent chance there'll be an Eevee in there somewhere (they usually spawn on their own, rather than in groups). They specifically tend to spawn near towns and cities, so if you get too far from Medali, pull back to the border.

If there's no luck, you can try to get an Eevee to spawn by leaving and coming back to the area - try flying to a distant town, then flying straight back. This'll reload the area and reroll the local Pokemon spawns.

Of course, the alternative is hatching an Eevee. Eevee's evolutions can also be found throughout the game, and if their genders are compatible, players can try to get them to lay an egg. For example, if you have a Vaporeon and a Flareon of differing genders, take them on a picnic and they may lay an egg - from which, eventually, a baby Eevee will hatch.

Eevee are useful for their potential - they can evolve into Pokemon of (almost) any type, giving you an immediate advantage in type matchups, as outlined in our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet type chart!

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