Pokemon Red and Blue get a 3D recreation from a Doom Eternal developer

(Image credit: Mark Diaz)

Pokemon Red and Blue are getting a 3D reimagining by a Doom Eternal developer. 

In a series of tweets over the past couple of days (via The Gamer), id Software gameplay programmer Mark Diaz has been documenting his progress as he recreates Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow within the Unity game engine. Within just a few days, Diaz has rebuilt Pallet Town and Route 1 in 3D, complete with long grass, collectible items, and even a working character model.

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In another tweet, Diaz showed a side-by-side comparison between his version and Game Freak's original, explaining that he'd taken "a few liberties to create some interesting [and] visually distinct locations." Elsewhere, the developer explains how he's been using Unity to get a 'tilt-shift' effect, granting the whole scene a cute, miniaturised look.

While there's plenty more that could be added to Diaz's scene, including Pokemon encounters, he says that he's not looking to fully recreate the original games. "That Pokemon project isn't something I'm going to release and won't be the full game," he explains, "just enjoying it as a creative outlet for now." Elsewhere, Diaz clarifies that his only goal "is seeing the game as I remembered it looking as a kid."

Pokemon's mainline entries have moved away from the 2D worlds and pixel sprites that were a mainstay of the franchise's first three generations. 2019's Pokemon Sword and Shield in particular bear a notable similarity to Diaz's freeform approach to movement, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, currently set to release in 2022, looks like it'll let players have even more control over where they go within its historical version of the Sinnoh region.

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