Pokemon Presents stream to showcase more Scarlet and Violet this week

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

A brand new Pokemon Presents is airing on Wednesday, August 3 for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Revealed just earlier today on August 1, there'll be a brand new Pokemon Presents showcase with us in less than 24 hours from now. This presentation will be kicking off on August 3 at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET/2 p.m BST, and will be focusing chiefly on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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That's not to say the two games will be the only focus of the new Pokemon Presents showcase, however. As you can see from the tweet above, The Pokemon Company will be providing an update on a variety of "apps and video games" alongside the two new games launching later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Last month in July, a leaker claimed several new details surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Among these leaked details were alleged brand new battle mechanics, not dissimilar from Pokemon Sword and Shield Mega Evolutions, but ones that would actually use time travel mechanics to rope in Pokemon from different eras. 

Obviously, The Pokemon Company has never commented on such rumors, so it's easy to see why some would write them off without merit. However, it's worth remembering the leaker did actually provide accurate details about Pokemon Arceus Legends ahead of time, so that being said, we could be in for some whacky time travel mechanics later this year.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 12 for the Nintendo Switch. 

Check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a full list of all the creatures revealed for the two new Gen 9 games so far. 

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