Pokemon + Nobunagas Ambition gets official (Japanese) trailer

As Pokefans expected a new Pokemon title to be announced last Friday, people’s emotions turned quickly from excitement to confusion once the actual title had been announced. Instead of a new entry in the core series or a sequel, a brand new adventure was announced that teamed up Pokemon with Koei's Nobunaga;s Ambition. Though initial images for the very literally titled Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition might have been strange, perhaps the first trailer will clear things up.

From the gameplay snippets, it looks like a strategy RPG ala Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea, which seems like such a great fit for Pokemon, we can’t believe it’s never happened before. The Nintendo/Koei coproduction combines Pokemon with the decades old Nobunaga’s Ambition, though for the uninitiated, NA is kind of like Samurai Warriors were it a turn-based strategy game. Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is planned for release in Japan next spring, while no US localization has been announced so far.

Henry Gilbert

Henry Gilbert is a former GamesRadar+ Editor, having spent seven years at the site helping to navigate our readers through the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. Henry is now following another passion of his besides video games, working as the producer and podcast cohost of the popular Talking Simpsons and What a Cartoon podcasts.