Pokemon Legends Z-A sleuths are using fashion history and Gen 6's French-inspired setting to work out exactly when the new game is set

Pokemon Legends Z-A
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Pokemon fans are speculating which time period Pokemon Legends Z-A will be based on, and there are some pretty compelling theories out there.

The Pokemon Company has unveiled the next stage in the franchise: Pokemon Legends Z-A, a new entry in the spin-off series that started with Arceus in 2022. The trailer reveals a huge urban redevelopment plan in Lumiose City of the Kalos region, where humans try to live in harmony with their Pokemon pals again.

Pokemon fans are now speculating which time period inspired Lumiose City in Pokemon Legends Z-A. Just below, for example, one fan posits that, because of the major urban redevelopment plans, not to mention the choice of fashion in the game's trailer, Pokemon Legends Z-A might well be based on 1960s Paris.

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Of course, we already know that the Kalos region drew extensively from France as its setting back in Gen 6. This is why so many fan theories are looking into French history now, and coupled with the huge tower jutting out of the middle of Lumiose City resembling the Eiffel Tower, it's an easy solution to come to.

However, another user has also hit on the same Paris setting but in a different period. The fan below theorizes that because of Paris's redevelopment plans back in the 1850s and the Eiffel Tower finishing construction in 1889, Pokemon Legends Z-A could instead be themed around Paris from the 1890s instead of the 1960s.

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It's worth mentioning that this wouldn't be the first time a Pokemon game has used a specific time period in history for its visual themes. Pokemon Legends Arceus drew inspiration from Feudal Japan, for example, basically throwing the entire player base back in time for a brand new adventure set in the past, without the technology we're used to in the Pokemon games today.

We've got a fair while to wait to see how these predictions pan out because Pokemon Legends Z-A isn't set to launch until next year in 2025. Thankfully, though, we already know that Mega Evolutions are making a big comeback for the new game, thanks to a tiny little teaser in the game's reveal trailer.

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