Pokemon Legends Z-A is "set entirely within Lumiose City" so don't expect to explore all of the Kalos region

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Pokemon Legends Z-A is set "entirely" within Lumiose City, so don't expect to go travelling around to other locations from the Gen 6 games.

Pokemon Legends Z-A was just announced earlier today, February 27, billed as a return to the Kalos region of Pokemon Gen 6's X and Y. However, according to the Nintendo of America tweet below, the new game will be set "entirely within Lumiose City," rather than the region as a whole.

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This means that we apparently won't be adventuring around the larger Kalos region whatsoever in the new Pokemon game, which is a big change from the past few mainline Pokemon games. For the unfamiliar, the wider Kalos region sported locations like mountainous areas, lush coastlines, and the central lowlands in the middle of the region.

It also featured its fair share of cities, including Vaniville Town, Santalune City, and the Parfum Palace, to name just a few of the human-dominated locations around Kalos. Nintendo of America seems to be letting slip that all of these locations will be out in Pokemon Legends Z-A when it launches next year in 2025.

Elsewhere in the new Pokemon Presents showcase, we got a look at a new Pokemon TCG Pocket game, which is launching later this year, and looks a hell of a lot like Pokemon's answer to Marvel Snap. You can unlock packs, open them, and reap the rewards within the enhance and bolster your existing virtual Pokemon card collection. 

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