Pokemon Go's mysterious Meltan confirmed to be part of crossover with Pokemon: Let's Go


Back in September, a Pokemon Go network traffic leak indicated that an entirely new, never-before-seen Pokemon was coming to Niantic's mobile game. A week later, we learned that Pokemon's name was Meltan, and that it was a mystery to even the Pokemon world's most esteemed professors. Today, The Pokemon Company is offering significantly more details, including how to catch Meltan.

The two keys to capturing this Mythical Pokemon are a new item, the Mystery Box, and Nintendo Switch games Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee. Although the Switch games can be played without connecting to Pokemon Go, they are designed to work with each other, allowing you to transfer Pokemon back and forth between platforms. The first time you send a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let's Go, you'll receive a Mystery Box. Opening it will cause Meltan to appear, but only for the player that opened said box.

However, the Mystery Box only remains open for a short while, then closes. To open it again, you'll need to wait a set period of time and transfer another Pokemon from your mobile device to your Switch. It's definitely a more complicated process than anything offered in Pokemon Go before, but this is a Mythical Pokemon (which puts it on par with ultra-rare creatures like Mew and Celebi), so it's not surprising it'll take some legwork to acquire.

Players should also keep an eye out for Meltan-related research quests. The Pokemon Company tweeted that Professor Oak and Professor Willow will be reaching out to trainers "soon". In another teaser video, there's also what appears to be the shadow of Meltan's evolved form:

Clearly there's more to this diminutive, walking hex nut than meets the eye.

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