Pokemon Go adds Gen 2 Pokemon AND A PIKACHU IN A CHRISTMAS HAT

As previously teased (and leaked) Gen 2 Pokemon have made it to Pokemon Go (opens in new tab) but forget that because Santa-hatted Pikachu have also arrived and this is all that matters right now. 

As far as Gen 2 Pokemon go, the only ones specifically named are Togepi and Pichu so far. Only 'select' Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver are available but it's not clear which, or how many just yet. These new Pokemon will only be found via eggs collected from PokeStops - it doesn't sound like you can catch them in wild. Yet. 

As far as the Christmas Pikachu... Christma-chu? Pika-mas? They can be encountered 'all over the world' but only between December 12 to 29. According to Niantic they'll 'appear in large quantities during this period' so it sounds like everyone will get one. 

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