Pokemon Cafe Mix's first team event brings a hangry Snorlax to your cafe

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Cafe Mix just got a new update that adds the very first team event, giving you the chance to assemble up to 30 friends to feed a "snack-deprived Snorlax." The end goal is to feed Snorlax so much tasty food that it can't help but to join the staff at your cafe. Snorlax's unique skill lets it clear Pokemon icons and gimmicks, making it a useful ally in solving puzzles. The Snorlax event runs from September 24 through October 8.

It'll cost 300 Golden Acorns to form a team, and whoever forks up the dough is the team captain. Plus, for every team member you recruit you get another 300 Golden Acorns, so it pays to be team captain. To clarify, teams are separate from your friend list. You can recruit people from your friend list to join your team, but you can also ask other players to join your Snorlax-feeding cause. You'll be able to tackle future events with your new team, though The Pokemon Company hasn't revealed anything about those just yet.

ICYMI, Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-play puzzle game available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android mobile devices. Essentially, you and Eevee are in charge of a cafe where Pokemon are your customers - hungry Pokemon, at that. In order to serve up the food and drinks they demand, you'll need to clear out Pokemon icons by linking them in a ring, thereby advancing your mission and feeding your hungry Pokecustomers.

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