Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Drilbur, Excadrill

#036Unova / #530 National
Species classification:Subterrene Pokemon
Sand Power – Rock, Ground and Steel-type attacks get 30% power boost during sandstorms and gives user immunity to sandstorm damage
SandRush – Doubles Speed during Sandstorms and doesn't take Sandstorm damage
Dream World abilities: Mold Breaker – disables opponents' abilities
Location found (Black/White): Challenger's Cave, Victory Road, Giant Chasm (all swirling dust only)
Wild hold items: None
Egg groups: Ground
Capture rate: 60
Gender ratio: 50/50
Experience at lvl 100: 1,000,000
Base stats: 110 HP / 135 Atk / 60 Def / 50 SAtk / 65 SDef / 88 Spd / 508 Total
Effort values: 2 Attack
Evolution family:
Drilbur> Excadrillat level 31

Excadrilldoesn't have the high defense usually associated with its Steel type, and its combination of high HP (the highest of any Steel-type to date) yet fairly low defense and special defense frustratingly cancel each other out. But don't be fooled – this is one of the most powerful Pokemon introduced in Black and White. It's tied with formidableMetagrossfor the highest attack stat of any Steel-type Pokemon, so it makes an outstanding physical attacker. Pair that with its SandRush ability, which doubles its already impressive speed stat during sandstorms, and you have a deadly combination. Add to that Excadrill's awesome dual Ground/Steel type, which gives it a whopping nine resistances, two immunities and no double weaknesses, and you're looking at an excellent choice for almost any team.

It's a bit disappointing that Drilbur and Excadrillcan only learn one damaging Steel-type move (Metal Claw at level 15) and you won't want to waste your time on it, but Earthquake is an absolute no-brainer for a Ground-type STAB attack. Add Swords Dance to boost your attack and you're looking at a lot of Pokemon that can be easily one-hit KOed.