PlayStation VR's processing box looks like a snack-size PS4

You know those little "mini" versions of famous snacks that look like adorable, imposter versions of their bigger siblings? That's what the PlayStation VR's processing box reminds me of: a teensy, bite-sized PS4. You can see it hiding out in the corner there like a shy kid at the school dance, backing away from the cameras while its sexier counterpart, the PlayStation VR headset, soaks up all the love.

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If you're just joining us and don't know what the PlayStation VR processing box is, the answer is simple: it's the extra bit of oomph the PS4 needs in order to render virtual reality in a quality way and share it on the television screen for others in the room to view. A previous report (opens in new tab) suggested that the box would be about the size of a Wii, but judging from the image above, I'd say this looks to be about half of that.

PlayStation VR has no hard release date nor a definite price tag, but I think we can all agree that processing box is just too cute.

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Sam Prell

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