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You'll need to clear a little more shelf space for PlayStation VR

Update: You can now check out a PlayStation VR processing box photo and see for yourself what the device looks like.

PlayStation VR is just around the corner, and while we still don't have an exact price or specific release date yet, we can give you an idea of how much space you'll want to clear for it in your home. Turns out, not only will the PlayStation VR cost roughly the same as a new console, it might take up as much space as one, too.

While you can expect the headset to be about the size of … well, a head on which it is set, don't forget about the processing box. As powerful as the PS4 is, it needs some extra juice to run virtual reality smoothly, not just for the user, but for anyone else in the room to watch on the television - which is where this peripheral (which, to be clear, is not a separate accessory - it's a crucial part of PlayStation VR) comes in. A report from Polygon claims that the PlayStation VR processing box is about the size of a Nintendo Wii (which is 1.73" tall, 6.18" wide, 8.48" deep laying horizontally), black in color.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures available, but it's understandable why Sony hasn't focused on this part of the equation. PlayStation's marketing campaign surrounding their virtual reality device is all about showing the fun people have in VR - hence PS VR ads showing a transparent headset over excited faces. You don't sell "fun, new experience" with hooking boxes to each other.

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