The new PlayStation VR Mega Pack is coming to Europe this fall with Astro Bot, Skyrim, RE7, and more

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A new version of the PlayStation VR Mega Pack that includes several of our picks from the best PSVR games is coming to European retailers in the fall. The bundle includes download codes for five games and everything you need to play PSVR, aside from a PS4 console: the headset, camera, and the conversion box/cables to get everything set up. The big reason you'll pick up this up amongst all the fine PlayStation VR deals out there is, of course, those bundled in games - so here's what you'll get.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission: One of the best platform games ever made, full stop, made even better by the brilliant ways it uses you (and your controller's) virtual presence in the game.
Skyrim VR: It is literally Skyrim in virtual reality. Just remember that you can't sustain yourself on VR cheese wheels alone. Or at all.
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: The game that revitalized the Resident Evil series is playable on a standard screen too, but try it in VR to truly immerse yourself in the horror.
Everybody's Golf VR: The beloved cartoon golf series (you might also know it as Hot Shots Golf) lets you actually swing with the Move controllers, or you can stick to the DualShock if you want.
PlayStation VR Worlds: Play through five different miniature experience showing what your PSVR headset can do. If you like London Heist, check out Blood & Truth!

Sony hasn't given any more specific release timing for the new PlayStation VR Mega Pack than "autumn", though it does say it will be available across multiple countries. The last Mega Pack only came out in Europe, and it looks like it will be the same case here. Don't worry if you're looking to save on PS VR in North America, you're sure to find some in a few months with our Black Friday PS4 deals 2019.

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