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PlayStation Vita launch guide drops to 69p for the Easter Weekend on Apple Newsstand

Still not bought a PlayStation Vita? If that's the case, you'll be wanting to watch and read about all of the new handheld's launch games and the hardware itself. And there's no better time to do so than now, as the PlayStation Vita Official Launch Guide is being reduced to a mere 69p on the Apple Newsstand for this Easter weekend!

The guide has been produced by the makers of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, PSM3 and Gamesmaster and comes with all the video clips already integrated, meaning you don't need to wait for clips to load over the internet as you read. Just tap and play - simple.

Above: There it is, in all its glory. Think of it as a glimpse of the future of magazines

The special also contains a complete A-Z of the Vita’s functions, hands-on with the hardware, 20 pro user tech tips, a useful FAQ and reviews of the launch lineup.

To get your digital copy to browse on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, just download the container application for Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Gamesmaster or PSM3 from the Apple Newsstand and you'll see it there to buy at it new super-low price.

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