PlayStation reveals a new line-up of toys that look (but don't work) like Amiibo... and wait, are those PS4 themed light-up sneakers?

You can always trust PlayStation to explore its more creative side when it comes to merchandising, and two recent announcements shows why that's definitely a good thing... I think. 

The first piece of new merch news came on Saturday, when professional basketball player Paul George wrote up a news post on the PlayStation Blog. No, I'm not kidding. He was there to reveal the PG-2 PlayStation Colourway, a new set of sneakers he'd designed in collaboration with Nike Basketball and PlayStation. 

What makes them so special, you say? Well, it proudly sports the PlayStation logo on the left shoe's tongue, which will apparently " illuminate and pulsate blue just like when turning on the console", so that's neat. 

Plus, the heel of that same left shoe also contains a unique PSN voucher code that can be redeemed on the PSN store for a "Paul George Dynamic Theme." If you're curious what that theme looks like, the sock liner on each sneaker is apparently inspired by how it'll appear on your PS4's dashboard. 

The PG-2 PlayStation Colourway will be released on February 10 later this year, and will cost $110/£80 for those looking to pick up these limited edition bad boys. 

Are you interested by what Paul George is offering? We've got an ongoing Twiter poll to find out who's keen, so let us know by putting your vote in. 

That's not all, though. Just a few days ago, the Totaku made their debut. Not to be confused as some sort of high calorie breakfast cereal, Totaku are the latest line-up of officially licensed PlayStation figurines, created in collaboration with ThinkGeek

For all intents and purposes, they look like Nintendo Amiibo, but best not to get confused. Despite their deliberately similar packaging and compact style, these models are unable to synch up with your PS4 in any conceivable way. 

Instead, they're just there to stand up and look cool and, to be fair, they're all rather delightful.  Seven models have been revealed so far, and include PlayStation icons like Crash Bandicoot, on top of less obvious choices such as Bloodborne's Hunter. 

Each figurine will cost around $10/£8, and the first wave will be available from GAME (UK) and GameStop (US) on March 23. 

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