PlayStation fan who was first in line for the PS4 gets his own PS5

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With the arrival of the PS5 coming ever closer, it feels like everyone is trying to get their hands on the new console that's boasting top-of-the-line hardware and a huge library of exciting new games. Some fans, however, won't have to wait on long lines to get their hands on a brand new console. Some just have to have the devotion necessary to get Sony to notice.

PlayStation fan Joey Chiu took to Twitter earlier today to show off his own PS5, which was given to him with a special message to reward him for being first in line for both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, the immediate predecessors to the PS5. Chiu was incredulous upon receiving the gift, which earned the attention of many of his fellow fans, with many of them congratulating him for being bestowed with such an honor.

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The package for the new console read: "Joey Chiu. First in line for PS4. First in line for PS4 Pro. Patience is a virtue. This is for you. Play has no limits." The box outlined Chiu's devotion to the Sony lineup, and upon posting the box to his Twitter account, Sony quickly replied with plenty of heart emojis to pack on the love. 

While not everyone can count on getting a special PS5 as a gift for their loyalty to the Sony consoles, the launch is still right around the corner. Players can look forward to getting a brand new PS5 of their own when it launches on November 12 with plenty of new games to sink your teeth into. 

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