PlayStation boss hints at a response to Xbox Game Pass

PS5 vs Xbox Series X
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Sony's Jim Ryan has hinted that PlayStation may have a response to Xbox Game Pass in the works.

Speaking to Russian outlet Tass this week, Ryan was asked how Sony plans to respond to Microsoft's Game Pass initiative. "There is actually news to come, but just not today," Ryan answered. "We have PlayStation Now which is our subscription service, and that is available in a number of markets."

It certainly sounds as though PlayStation might be gearing up to compete with Xbox Game Pass. As Ryan mentions, PlayStation Now offers a digital game streaming service on PlayStation platforms including the PS5, but Ryan's comments seem to indicate that there's something else in the works.

Elsewhere in the interview with Tass, Ryan comments very briefly on Starfield potentially being an Xbox exclusive, after Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda earlier this year. "That’s a decision that is out of our hands," Ryan said when asked if there was a possibility PlayStation players wouldn't be able to play Starfield or The Elder Scrolls 6. "We’ll wait and see what happens. I look forward to learning about that."

Xbox Game Pass is currently available on PC, Xbox consoles, and Android devices. Hundreds of games from both Xbox-owned studios and third-party developers are available to play on all three platforms through the subscription service, and if you're wondering what the best of those games are, head over to our guide on the best games on Xbox Game Pass.

If you're still trying to get your hands on Sony's next-gen console, which only just launched in Europe yesterday, check out our PS5 deals page for retailers with current and projected stock.

Hirun Cryer

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