Play GTA Online's madcap Freemode Events this week and get double rewards

You won't need to load up a Job playlist to to make the most of the latest GTA Online special event. Rockstar Games has kicked off a week of double GTA$ and Reputation Points for all Freemode Events (with the exception of the not-so-social Time Trials), rewarding players for joining in on the impromptu competitions from now through Thursday, Sept. 1.

If you haven't tried out Freemode Events like Hunt the Beast, which transforms one player into a powerful werewolf and sets the rest of the server hunting after them, now is the perfect time. Since you'll need to rely on your own arsenal to compete, you should take advantage of this week's Ammu-Nation discounts: 50 percent off body armor and pistols, 25 percent off SMGs and assault rifles, and 50 percent off those oh-so-gaudy Luxury Weapon Finishes.

And if you want some new wheels to lead the pack in high-speed modes like Penned In, you'll find a few choice automotive discounts as well: 25 percent off the speedy Vapid FMJ, 50 percent off the Karin Sultan RS upgrade from Benny's Original Motor Works, 25 percent off paint resprays, and 50 percent off car bombs to punish pesky thieves (no discount on the insurance deductible after you blow it up, though).

If you want a break from the Freemode antics, you can try out this week's Premium Stunt Race: Rally, a point-to-point competition that sends you literally soaring across the Grand Senora Desert. As always, first, second, and third place finishers get cash prizes (or at least earn their entrance fee back), while everybody else receives a burning desire to do better next time.

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