Play Evolve online this weekend for gold Monster skins

Yo, dawg. Turtle Rock Studios heard you like gold and playing Monster so they put gold on your Monsters so you can be gold while you're a Monster. But only if you play in Evolve's first-ever community challenge this weekend. Dawg.

It doesn't sound like a very challenging challenge; all you have to do is play a match online between 9 PM PT today (Thursday) and 9 PM PT on Sunday, and, win or lose, you'll be rewarded with the Turtle Rock Gold Skin for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith.

As you may have guessed from the name, this ostentatious Monster makeup was previously available exclusively to developers. It does look kind of fly, but I can't help thinking that a bright gold abomination could be a bit easier to track than your garden variety abomination, visually speaking. Either way, the skins will be unlocked some time after the weekend ends, but before March 14.

Turtle Rock says it plans to stage many more challenges with their own rewards in the weeks and months ahead. The next one up is the up St. Patrick's Day Trapper Challenge, which I can only hope replaces Monsters with great big Leprechauns and stage objectives with pots o' gold.

Connor Sheridan

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