PlanetSide 2 trailer says "Death is No Excuse"

Sony Online Entertainment released the “Death is No Excuse” cinematic today, which showcases the kind of intense, "one man army" heroism that can transpire on PlanetSide 2's massive battlefields. While the full CGI trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay footage, it does capture the intense action and depth of gameplay that is promised for the upcoming free-to-play MMO/FPS hybrid.

While we can't guarantee that you'll be pulling off these courageous stunts every time you spawn, the warfare on display in the trailer offers a taste of the scale to each firefight. With three gigantic factions all warring for the same valuable territories, you're bound to get ambushed shortly after victory or take advantage of two distracted armies. Check out the blood-pumping trailer above, then read our latest PlanetSide 2 preview to get up to speed on the scale of PS2's expansive firefights.