How to get through the Plague Tale Requiem construction site and reach the boat

Plague Tale Requiem boat construction site
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To get through the Plague Tale Requiem construction site and reach the boat, you'll need to dodge your way past the rats before lowering a chain to get the boat, while also helping Lucas to escape. Pay attention to the cranes and hay bales as they provide the necessary means of escape from the rodents, then you'll need to work out how to break the chain that was preventing the boat from travelling further down the river so you can be reunited with the rest of your family. The route involved is far from straightforward, which is why I'm here to guide you through the construction site and back to the boat in Plague Tale Requiem with this walkthrough for the first significant section of In Our Wake.

How to get through the Plague Tale Requiem construction site to the boat

Plague Tale Requiem boat construction site

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Getting through the Plague Tale Requiem construction site back to the boat in the In Our Wake chapter requires a little lateral thinking and a lot of keen attention, as it's easy to miss certain crucial details. The key is that the wooden platforms are effectively going to act as safe islands in the sea of rats, and your goal is to get both Amicia and Lucas through to the next one. Fortunately there's regular chests of loot and resources to keep crafting along the way - make sure to pop any you see and you'll never run out of alchemical creations.

Starting from when you leave the forest and see the rats erupt from the ground, here's the sequence of events:

  1. Use Ignifer on the suspended hay bale to your right. Sprint under it and climb the platform just past. Be warned - hay bales you ignite only burn for about 10 seconds before needing to be relit.
  2. Tell Lucas to turn the handle on the new platform to rotate the crane and move the hay bale. Ignite the hay again, then throw tar on it to expand the radius. This'll (just about) clear you to reach the next platform.
  3. Turn the crane on this platform to rotate the bale to Lucas' side. Hold it in place while he ignites it and uses the chance to run over and join you. 
  4. Have Lucas turn that very same crane you just used and reignite it. Run down beneath it, then have Lucas let go - the crane will spin back and you can use the burning bale as a moving area of safety. 
  5. When you climb up a ledge the bale will collapse - this is a scripted event where you'll get Pyrite for the first time. Use it to reach the riverside platform ahead of you.
  6. Spin this crane up here and ignite the hay bale to become another moving area of safety, so you can sprint to the platform with torch sticks across from you.

Plague Tale Requiem boat construction site

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  1. Pick up a stick and throw it to Lucas without igniting it. He'll use it to reach you. Keep in mind that this section was a little glitchy for us, with Lucas refusing to receive the stick. If it fails, try reloading the game.
  2. Lucas should make it to the platform you were on before. Don't join him - instead, move along your own platform so you can see the right-hand side of his, and use a sling-launched rock to break the latch on the panel across, allowing him to jump down.
  3. Ignite the hay bale between you and sprint across to the right to a platform with burnable sticks and workbench (Lucas should join you).
  4. Your impulse is likely to go to the huge bridge, past the crates - do not do this! Instead head left, down the steps to the lit brazier. You can use a burning stick to buy yourself enough time to reach it. 
  5. Down below is a bit of collapsed wood you need Lucas' help to lift. Go through into the shed to see the boat approaching, now blocked by a chain.

How to move the chain and clear a path for the boat

Plague Tale Requiem boat construction site

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The chain blocking the boat actually serves as a rail for a small ferry that crosses the river, but that doesn't change the fact that it's in the way of your boat. Not to mention that the handle to move the ferry is stuck by something. Here's the sequence of events needed to lower the chain and clear the path for the boat.

  1. Back in the shed is a gap on the right side (assuming you're facing it from the river). Duck underneath and get Lucas to pull back the cart so you can drop through the hole in the dock.
  2. Down below is… gross. Still, traipse through to the lever's mechanism to find there's a body lodged in it. Pull it out of the gears and go forward to the ferry, which Lucas has brought over.
  3. Get him to send you over the river on the ferry to the other shed. Standing at the back of the shed and facing the counterweight will reveal a weak section in the chain - break it with a sling rock to lower the chain!

Now that's done, loot everything before moving onwards - there's a few chests you grab in the area before heading onwards to try and get back on the boat.

How to reach the boat and get back on

Plague Tale Requiem boat construction site

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Heading over to the bridge is your final task - once there, you need to work out how to reach the opposite side and jump down onto the boat. It's the shortest, simplest puzzle - nearly there!

  1. On the bridge, wheel the cart over to the scuffed wooden wall so you can climb it.
  2. Clamber over and turn the handle on your right to move the attached platform 180 degrees.
  3. Look back at the platform you climbed over. There's a raised mini-bridge inside it you can lower by breaking the chain with your sling. Do that.
  4. Head back over the mini-bridge and get the cart you used in stage 1, then roll it over to the platform you moved in stage 2.
  5. Head back over the mini-bridge and roll the platform back, so you can have the cart on this side. Push it over to another climbable wall and clamber up - you've made it to the boat!

At this point there's no more puzzles for a little while, just an action sequence where Amicia gets to grips with highly advanced weaponry - aka, a crossbow. It's a wonder she ever picked up a sling again after this.

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