Pimp out your favorite X-Men... literally, in Marvel Brothel

Move over Gal Gun, there's a new king of pathetic sex games in town! Marvel Brothel is a gamein whichProfessor-X turns his mutant academy into the best little whore-house in upstate New York.

Made using RPG Maker, the same amateur game dev toolset that's powered numerous other controversial games, including Super Columbine Massacre RPG, Marvel Brothel challenges the player to manage his line-up of Mutant prostitutes. Johns with special needs will come in, and it's up to the player to provide the best match. Every now and then, Kingpin, of Spider-Man fame, will come along to rate your house of ill-repute. Players can take their profits and invest them in upgraded tech and sex toys.

The game, which wediscovered on Comics Alliance,has been pulled as adownload on RPGmaker.net, but we're sure those readers who desperately need to find a copy will be able to track one down.

We'll leave you with this:

[Source:Comic's Alliance]

Nov 10, 2010