Phil Spencer says he's "all in" when it comes to revisiting the entire "trove" of Xbox IP, and "it doesn't have to just be about Activision and Blizzard"

Phil Spencer
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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he'd be "all in" when it comes to revisiting the company's "trove" of IP.

Speaking during the Official Xbox Podcast, Spencer discussed the recently closed Microsoft Activision deal and reflected on the company's other IPs. "When I think about Activision Blizzard King, you add in Bethesda, you add in Xbox's history, Rare - like the amount of franchises that we now have in our portfolio is kind of inspiring, it's daunting. I feel that we have to be a great custodian for the content that we touch," Spencer explains.

"When you look across all of the franchises that are part of our teams, there's an opportunity for us to go back - even if it's just to recognize the moment and what those things meant in gaming's history and do something right with it," Spencer continues, "If teams want to go back and revisit some of the things that we have and do a full focus on it, I'm going to be all in on that. I think there's just an amazing trove of things that we can go and touch again."

Using Id Software's Quake 2 remaster as an example, Spencer explains that the team behind the 2023 title "did a real good job revisiting a game, making it current, but also not leaving the history behind," noting that he'd "love to see more things like that." The Xbox exec also mentioned games like Raven Software's Hexen as well as Activision's Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk series' but didn't reveal any future plans for any of these franchises. 

Elsewhere in the same interview, Phil Spencer pledged "100% parity" across Call of Duty in an attempt to reassure PS5 players. Addressing not just PlayStation players but also Nintendo fans (Microsoft did sign a deal to put Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles for 10 years, after all), Spencer said: "I want you to feel 100% part of the community. I don't want you to feel like there's content you're missing out [on]." 

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