Peter Parker meets the new Queen Goblin (and isn't impressed) in Amazing Spider-Man #90

Amazing Spider-Man #90 excerpt
Amazing Spider-Man #90 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

A new Marvel villain named Queen Goblin debuted recently in the Amazing Spider-Man series, but it wasn't until the very tail end of February 16's Amazing Spider-Man #89 that the actual Spider-Man, Peter Parker, was able to meet her.

And now in February 23's Amazing Spider-Man #90, he has some… critiques. Spider-Man would know, as he's faced countless Goblins over the years, going back to the original Green Goblin.

Check out this preview of Amazing Spider-Man #90 by writer Patrick Gleason and artist Mark Bagley:

Spider-Man's jab, "Pretty sure the X-Men have a way scarier Goblin Queen," is in reference to Madelyne Pryor (AKA the Goblin Queen), a part of the X-Men mythos since the mid-80s.

The Queen Goblin, however, is schooled on fighting Spider-Man - literally. She's part of a factory-like process the villainous Beyond Corporation has secretly built while also funding a new corporate Spider-Man (Ben Reilly).

Reilly just found out about Beyond's sinister machinations, and he and his long-time girlfriend Janine Godbe are working to put a stop to.

Patrick Gleason was originally announced to both write and draw Amazing Spider-Man #90, making the last-minute change to Bagley (and a host of five inkers and three colorists) a surprise. That's unfortunate, as Gleason co-created Queen Goblin, and designed her look - though classic Spider-Man artist Bagley picks up the baton.

Arthur Adams has drawn the main cover for Amazing Spider-Man #90, with a variant cover by Rogue Antonio. You can check them both out here:

Amazing Spider-Man #90 goes on sale on February 23.

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