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Peter Parker has his secret identity uncovered in new Spider-Man: Homecoming clip

Poor Peter Parker. A new Spider-Man: Homecoming clip debuted at the MTV Movie and TV Awards which showed Spidey sneaking back into his bedroom oh-so-carefully… before being busted by his best friend Ganke. There goes the (friendly) neighbourhood.

The short clip, which you can see above, lays on the suspense as Tom Holland’s Peter Parker makes his way back into his house – only to be confronted by Ganke, who drops a model Death Star (Disney pulling out all of the stops) when he stumbles on his best friend’s secret double life.

After Ganke finds out Tony Stark made Spidey’s suit – complete with web wings – he asks “are you an Avenger?” Peter replies with the biggest half-truth in the history of half-truths: “Yeah, basically.” I mean, he did help take down Ant-Man.

The clip ends with a quick montage of other moments pulled from the movie, including a teasing interaction between Zendaya’s Michelle (*cough* MJ *cough) and Peter, as it seems like the walls are closing in on his secret identity… except she doesn’t care about Peter’s secrets. At least not yet, anyway.

Image: Marvel Studios

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