Peter Parker drives his instructor up the wall – and foils bank robbers – in new Spider-Man: Homecoming spot

These Spider-Man: Homecoming TV spots are getting weirder by the day. First there was whatever the hell the DJ Khaled spot was, and now there’s Peter Parker taking his driving test – and foiling bank robbers. As you do. All in a day’s work for the webhead.

Parker Peter – sorry, Peter Parker – takes a spin, nerves and all, in Tony Stark’s ride for a driving test. The eager and intense instructor really is no match for the car’s automatic functions, even if Peter taking his hands off the wheel is an automatic fail and nearly makes the instructor’s head explode. It’s cheesy as all hell, but it’s entertaining stuff.

The Audi ad is yet more proof that Tom Holland is right at home as Peter Parker, with the entertaining awkwardness of the driving test being offset by some cool Spidey action – just meters away from the driving instructor, naturally.

I don’t recall many flagship franchises going all-out with branded spots in the way Spider-Man: Homecoming is. If nothing else, it’s proof that a lot of higher-ups, execs and other miscellaneous suits have plenty of faith in Tom Holland.

The Audi may look swish, but it’s got nothing on Spidey’s cacophony of cool gadgets: web wings, spider drones, and, yup, even web grenades.

Bradley Russell

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