Spider-Man: Homecoming shows off a spider-drone and the Vulture as a "regular joe" supervillain

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a few new twists in store for its portrayal of Marvel's webslinger. Alongside the inclusion of Tony Stark and a focus on Peter Parker's high school life, old webhead has a few new toys up his sleeves. It's brief, but take a look at this teaser showing off a spider-drone gadget:

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Director Jon Watts also wants to bring a new perspective to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of villain Adrian Toomes, AKA The Vulture. "My whole approach for this movie is that we’ve seen the penthouse level of the [Marvel] universe," Watts told USA Today. "We’ve seen what it’s like to be a billionaire inventor and to be a Norse god. We’ve seen the very top of this world. But we’ve never seen what it’s like to be just a regular joe."

Watts calls it a "ground-level perspective" - which is a bit ironic considering Vulture's massive wingspan - that was inspired by John C. Reilly's character in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. "I like the idea that in these huge movies, you pick out one extra and you’re like, 'What does he think of all this?' Sometimes these movies are so casual about just destroying whole cities and incredible things happen and everyone’s like, 'Eh, whatever.' If that really happened, it would be amazing and change everything."

Given that Vulture works as a scavenger by day, picking up the pieces and mess left behind by Tony Stark and the other Avengers, it makes sense that he would see this as his chance to climb to the top. It's an interesting point of view, and hopefully it makes Spidey's battle feel all the more compelling.

Directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei and Donald Glover, Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7, 2017.

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