Persona Super Live concert won't have any new game reveals, Atlus says

(Image credit: Atlus)

Atlus has stated it won't announce any new Persona games at an upcoming event next month.

Earlier today on September 20, the official Japanese-facing Persona Twitter account published the two tweets just below. While the first tweet merely announces a new statue will debut at the Persona Super Live P-Sound 2022 concert next month, the second tweet warns viewers not to expect an announcement of a brand new Persona game.

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Anticipation has been high for a new Persona title for a few years now, since Persona 5 Royal launched in late 2019. The anticipation has been higher than ever since July 2021 though, when Atlus's director very casually confirmed that a new Persona game was in active development via a job listing.

As we're now well over a year removed from that initial confirmation, you can see why some Persona fans would be anticipating the new game's unveiling at the Persona Super Live P-Sound 2022 concert next month, which takes place on October 8 and 9, broadcast live from Chiba, Japan.

After a blockbuster Summer of announcements though, it seems Atlus is all out of surprises for fans. The developer unveiled back in June that Persona 4 Golden and 3 Portable would be coming to modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, with Persona 5 Royal receiving a native new-gen version on the same platforms. 

All things considered, it's already been a huge year for Persona, even without the reveal of Persona 6. Still, fans are pining through Persona artwork for teasers of the new game, which has lead to a new fan theory that the new Persona game is themed around the color green

Elsewhere, all three modern Persona games are coming to Nintendo Switch alongside the new console ports. 

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