Fans think Persona 6 might be themed around the color green

Persona 5 Royal
(Image credit: Atlus)

Persona fans are convinced Persona 6 will feature a green color palette and corresponding theme.

Last week, Atlus unveiled the artwork below for the Persona series' upcoming 25th anniversary celebration later this year. The art features protagonists from all five mainline Persona games, stretching all the way from Revelations: Persona in 1996, to Persona 5 in 2017.

Persona 5 Royal

(Image credit: Atlus)

Paint is obviously the main theme of this artwork, with colors splashed all over the protagonist's clothes. There's colors matching the palette of each mainline Persona game: for example there's red for Persona 5, yellow for Persona 4, and blue for Persona 3, each of which gels with the overall theme of the corresponding game. Persona 5 bears red for rebellion, for example, while Persona 3 has blue for, well, depression.

Now though, some Persona fans are convinced there's a Persona 6 teaser hiding in plain sight. As per the Persona reddit post just below, some fans think that the green paint can near the bottom left corner of the image is meant to represent the next game in the series, as no existing Persona game is associated with the color green.

In the comments section underneath the subreddit post, some users speculate as to what a green color palette could mean for Persona 6. Some think the color green responds to themes of jealousy or hope, while others reckon it might point towards money playing a large role in the new game. Neither theory is particularly unreasonable, as jealousy and money have both come into play in Persona games in the past.

Right now, we're two years away from Persona's last mainline release, with Persona 5 Royal having launched in 2020. Back in July 2021 though, Atlus director Naoto Hiroaka very casually confirmed the existence of a new Persona game in job postings for the developer, talking about creating a "6 which exceeds 5." How Atlus is going to surpass there previous efforts remains to be seen, but all eyes are on the developer for any reveals over the coming months for the series' anniversary.

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