Persona 5 Strikers gameplay trailer shows the reunited Phantom Thieves in action

Persona 5 Strikers
(Image credit: Atlus)

With Persona 5 Strikers just over a month away, Atlus dropped a new combat-heavy gameplay trailer today showing the spinoff's take on Dynasty Warriors. 

As we said in our Persona 5 Strikers preview, the spinoff couldn't be more different from the turn-based combat of Persona 5. Even your basic attacks can take giant chunks out of the hordes of enemies you fight, and a buffet of over-the-top special attacks really take the experience to 11. 

This trailer hammers that home with a brief look at a few Phantom Thieves in action, starting with Joker and his iconic Persona Arsene. Joker can use multiple Personas and change them on the fly, but Arsene is unique in that he can be leveled up to unlock way more skills than fused Persona. We see that here with his high-level curse and gun skills, which are every bit as devastating as you'd hope. 

Newcomer Sophia, a mysterious humanoid AI, is the next Phantom Thief to take the spotlight. She swings yo-yos around like medieval flails, and her not-quite-a-Persona is no slouch either. We also get to see some nice special attacks from the rest of the gang, including devastating Showtime finishers with unique animations. 

This trailer also quietly reveals several of the Jails that the Phantom Thieves will tackle throughout Strikers, as well as the Persona Joker will encounter. From what we've seen, every Persona you encounter can also be fused, which means series staples like High Pixie and Mothman will be unlocked in the future. 

Persona 5 Strikers will come to PS4 (with backwards compatibility on PS5), Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) on February 23. You can watch its reveal trailer here.

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