Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers guide

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Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzles are among the best ways to increase your intelligence social stat, simply because they don't use up a time slot. You'll periodically find new crossword puzzles on the table at Leblanc, and you can solve them instantly for a free point of intelligence. Most of them are pretty straightforward, and the answer often lies in the current arc of the story, but others are a bit obscure. So, we've prepared a full guide to all the Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers to help you make the most of this free intelligence boost.  

  • How school years are divided - Semesters
  • Hanami: Cherry (?) viewing - Blossom
  • Time for a trip: (?) week - Golden
  • What are the May Blues - Malaise
  • Where is art shown off and sold - Gallery
  • A type of outdoor allergy - Pollenosis
  • Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork - Japanese
  • Label for an unparalleled artist - Master
  • Held to inform the public - Conference
  • Changes with the season - Wardrobe 
  • Exchanged all over the world - Currency
  • A border between air masses - Front
  • Medicine of varying legality - Narcotics
  • Many students' greatest l love - Vacation
  • These gauge student knowledge - Finals
  • A seasonal, skybound event - Fireworks
  • A stationary hot spot: heat (?) - Island
  • Necessary for dares - Courage
  • A common skin injury - Sunburn
  • When it's too hot to sleep - Sweltering
  • Techy term for e-infiltration - Hacking
  • Localized destructive storm - Typhoon
  • Tsukimi:  lunar viewing (?) - Festival
  • Establishing order or worth - Ranking
  • Absorbs the most light - Black
  • Co-opted Celtic holiday - Halloween
  • Lined up at school festivals - Stalls
  • Tipster hotlines offer this - Reward
  • Laying into someone - Bashing
  • Draws people to you - Charisma
  • AKA sweating sickness - Influenza
  • What lights do for store signage - Illuminate 
  • Politicians thrive on this rating - Approval
  • Joyful holiday w/ an intruder - Christmas 

Here's everything you need to know about Persona 5 Royal confidants, and all the Persona 5 Royal answers you need to ace exams.

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