Perhaps the biggest collection of games and consoles sells on eBay for (pinkies at the ready) one million Euros

Goodness me. You think your own game collection is pretty good - maybe you've got some rare stuff off eBay, or every game you think is worth owning on your favourite old console. And then someone like this comes along and makes your collection look as comprehensive as a single page that's fallen out of the 32 volume edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

I was going to say 'just look at this little lot' but, 'little lot' is totally the wrong description. It's actually a very BIG lot of 22 complete consoles. Yes, 'complete' as in the console (and limited editions of it) and every single game released on it.

Above: We haven't got enough room to publish all the pictures. So here are some Dreamcast girlies

There's no way we can picture it all here, but we're talking every Sega game, every Nintendo game and every PC Engine game. Master System, SNES, Dreamcast, Saturn... it's all here. Literally, it's ALL here.

The guy selling it even points out that it's his own personal collection (to go with a job in it, presumably) and that every time he acquired multiple copies of the same game, he would keep the best one for himself. This is that collection. Mummy.

Above: Of all these Japanese Sega Game Gear games, we've got Deep Duck Trouble, Super Monaco GP and Gunstar Heroes. We were quite happy with that... until now

The listing has sadly already ended. I say sadly because even though it ended at a million Euros, if you were to break up these rarities and sell them individually, you would almost certainly accrue way more than that in the long run. It might take you a few years to list them all individually, but hey - you could probably hire someone to do it while you go about buying the mansion... although you'd probably need a mansion anyway to store them all.

We'll just have to wait for the next 22 perfect collections to come up as one lot. Happens all the time.

Justin Towell

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