Pen To Paper: Joss Stone scores, Hugh Jackman feels musical

If you were worried about David Beckham’s impending “bigger part” in Goal 2, here’s something to take you mind off England’s captain: Kent-born crooner Joss Stone has signed on to play the hussy who tries to come between Kuno Becker’s plucky playmaker and the lovely Anna Friel.

“She was surprised when the producers asked her to come in for a screentest, but she and gave it her best shot,” a pal of the teen chanteuse remarked. “She’s really chuffed they’ve decided to go for her, even though she’s not a trained actress. She’s going to have to play a bit of a bitch!”

The second instalment of director Danny Cannon’s trilogy sees Becker’s Angeleno whiz kid, Santiago Munez, move from Newcastle United to Real Madrid. For some reason, they’ve rejected the Michael Owen storyline: spend a season warming the bench, then transfer back to the Premiership.

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman, currently sharpening his Wolverine claws on the set of X-Men 3, will warm up his warble for Disney musical If You Could See Me Now (he won a 2004 Tony Award for the Broadway musical The Boy From Oz, so he’s clearly got the chops).

Based on Cecilia Ahern’s unreleased novel, Jacko will play the imaginary friend of a six-year-old girl who moves in with her aunt. Once there, it becomes clear that the aunt can see Hugh as well and the duo begin to fall in love. Cue multiple song-and-dance routines.

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