PAX East 2011: Cosplay Explosion

Who doesn't like a good game of dress up?! Certainly not PAX East 2011 attendees, who apparentlyare outto give Comic-Con a run for its cosplay coin. Look on, jealous readers! Hot women, ninjas in bifocals, and slightly chubby Storm Troopers await your judgmental gaze... Oh, and any cosplay character I can't immediately name, I'm gonna leave blank. Comment in the article to correct/help me and I may update the article and credit you with the caption!

Above: Those guys in the background have no idea what they're missing

Above: Chun-HE

Above: A fantastic Fenix

Above: Because it wouldn't be a convention worth attending without them: Storm Troopers!

Above: Unfortunately, Batman was in line tosee Portal 2

Above: Bison tends to an urgent Shadowloo text

Above: Do what makes you feel good