Paul Haggis: licence to rewrite

It’s no secret that we loved Casino Royale. And a chunk of the movie’s impressive quality can be chalked up to writer Paul Haggis. So after helping to bring James Bond back with a bang – or rather, a Bourne-flavoured snap and crackle – it was inevitable that the 007 team would try to tempt Haggis back to perform some script surgery on the next adventure.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Sony and Eon have offered him a truckload of dosh to sprinkle some of his magic dust on the new script by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and that he’ll get the red pen out once he finishes his latest film, In The Valley Of Elah.

The plot hasn’t been revealed yet and, despite a shortlist of directors apparently being whittled down to the likes of Tony Scott, Jonathan Mostow, Alex Proyas and Marc Forster, nothing is yet set in stone about the new film, besides Daniel Craig back as Bond and the November 2008 release date.

Note to the Bond producers: please, make it someone who knows what they’re doing. And if Stephen Sommers calls, let the answering machine handle it.