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Paul Feig on Ghostbusters: Just let this movie happen

Up until now, Paul Feig’s movie projects have gone relatively smoothly, without the world’s media breathing down his neck. However, when it comes to a franchise like Ghostbusters, the speculation is always going to be that much more intense, and it sounds as though Feig has finally grown sick and tired of it.

Certain corners of the internet have seemingly already written the movie off, criticising Feig’s decisions at every turn. However, the director has dismissed all such speculation in one, concise tweet: "You all have no idea what we did, so stop acting like you do. Enough is enough. Just let this movie happen. #enough."

Can’t argue with that. Feig also went on to touch on the recent cameo announcements, which were only made public as a reaction to the huge paparazzi presence on set. "Gang, everyone should know that any and all cameo announcements are leaks and nothing we wanted made public," says Feig. "Media, please take note. I only announced @Ernie_Hudson as a cameo because our set was overrun by paparazzi. I really wanted these cameos to be surprises. Just FYI."

Sadly, it’s very difficult to keep anything entirely under wraps when the paparazzi lenses are trained on your production, but hopefully Feig will still have some surprises left up his sleeve. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Lesley Jones and Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters will open in the UK and US on July 15 2016.

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