Paranormal Musunahi movie in the works

That X-Files sequel was pretty ropey, wasn’t it?

Well, get ready for Mulder and Scully’s successor in the form of a new film that explores the world of unexplainable paranormal phenomenon.

DreamWorks are setting about creating a new flick based on cult website Musunahi: Museum of SuperNatural History . It’s a site created and curated by a fellow called Ernest Lupinacci, who calls it a place “whose purpose is to study, protect, explore and explain the unexplainable”.

Apparently DreamWorks and producers Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald are in the process of hiring writers to adapt the concept into a film script. The story will follow the curator of the Museum of SuperNatural History, who searches the world for supernatural paraphernalia.

Lupinacci is also executive producing the film. He said:

“The inherent drama, action and adventure of that mission -- especially from a storytelling point of view -- is that every time we shatter or even question an accepted belief, we have the potential to answer the eternal question, why are we here?

“On any given day, another ancient temple is uncovered by Google Earth and NASA telescopes come closer to finding intelligent life in the galaxy.

“Science is on the verge of cloning extinct creatures, and man and machine are approaching the so-called singularity.

“These sorts of things all contribute to the enduring fascination and universal appeal of this subject matter. The supernatural is ultimately ‘the make-believe you can believe in’."

It sounds a bit liked last year’s TV show Warehouse 13 (above) mixed with The X-Files , which is alright by us.

Will it be any good? We want to believe.

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