Pack it in folks, Diablo 4's first recorded Hardcore Uber Lilith kill is here

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's hardest boss fight has been defeated in Hardcore mode on camera for the first time.

The Echo of Lilith fight, also known as Uber Lilith, is Diablo 4's "pinnacle boss encounter" meant to represent the ultimate challenge in the long-awaited sequel. The biggest bad is an extremely difficult tangle no matter what, but beating her on Hardcore mode, where every death is final, is naturally orders of magnitude more daunting. Many have attempted the feat, but until now no one has managed to come out alive, at least not in a recorded video we can all watch for proof.

As Wowhead reports, the accomplished ARPG streamer Ben is the first Diablo 4 player to record a successful attempt at beating Uber Lilith. The streamer used his Barbarian "Spinnywinny" and some devilish trickery to stack Whirlwind damage almost infinitely and take down the pinnacle boss with startling efficiency.

Echo of Lilith is an optional level 100 boss fight that can only be accessed once you've completed the main story and progressed to the final World Tier. As you might've guessed, she's a whole lot more powerful than her normal, non-Uber form, and to make matters worse, every time you take a hit there's a stacking debuff that makes you take even more damage. It also looks like Ben beat her after the latest hotfix buffed her damage output.

Needless to say, this first-ever defeat is one hell of an accomplishment.

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